Discover the benefits of manufacturing at scale

The most successful retail fixtures and fittings of tomorrow call for new approaches that offer a step change in flexibility, functionality and value.

Our Australian facility provides hands-on, specialist manufacturing capabilities and delivers customised joinery, fittings and displays. Working closely with national retailers, we are creating fresh new designs and structures that align to your unique brand values and are easily adaptable to in-store promotional demands.

Retail Joinery offers bright opportunities for national retailers to apply a smarter way to build their retail footprint that works. Using our expansive Brisbane based manufacturing facility, we are rolling out stores at speed and at a fraction of the cost.

Scale of Site

Operating on 4550 sqm with 35 staff, our ability to scale-up and adapt to your needs is done with ease.

From our production office, machine shop, assembly line to quality control, despatch and storage, each department works in sync to ensure optimum performance and delivery.

Innovative Manufacturing

Producing 750 manufacturing man hours per week and cutting 15.5 ton of board.

Our smart use of technology enables us to produce the volumes required by our customers when they need it.

Hand Finishing and Assembly

Our skilled team of tradespeople and professionals are working in the workshop to craft a wide variety of fixtures and fittings for multiple national retailers.

Using 20k screws, 450 hinges and 120 litres of glue per month our factory is buzzing to deliver fast turnarounds and quality products.


Quality is at the heart of our business.

We deliver the very best solutions for retailers every time and never compromise on quality or attention to detail for your brand. We make the complex simple and manage everything behind the scenes, helping you navigate the path to a fantastic fitout with simple certainty.

Reduced time

Close proximity to the production facility combined with insights, expertise and proven know-how enables us to nail solutions for your business faster with next level results.

Our ability to ramp up and support your urgent needs is just part of the everyday experience you can expect.


Backed by big experience but driven by new and better ways to improve performance and build better retail, our operation is continually driving manufacturing modifications.

For example, where national store rollout plans are known, the fixtures are cut, stored and drawn down on as required, to offer a more efficient operating model for your business and its bottom line.

First Class Delivery

2km of edge tape, 100m cardboard and 200m of bubble wrap per week.

We securely and safely wrap store fixtures and fittings and despatch
4 semi-trailers per week from our Brisbane based manufacturing facility to arrive on time, every time and ready for installation